Did you know...

that the first motion picture theatre in the world was opened on Smithfield street in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is a neat city with a rich past. I bet even people that have lived here all their lives won't know about all of these ~

These movies were filmed in Pittsburgh:

The Mothman Prophecies-2002-Richard Gere

The Wonder Boys-2000-Michael Douglas

Inspector Gadget-1999-Matthew Broderick

Boys on the Side-1995-Drew Barrymore

Milk Money-1994-Melanie Griffith

Groundhog Day-1993-Bill Murray

Striking Distance-1993-Bruce Willis

Hoffia-1992-Jack Nicholson

Lorenzo's Oil-1992-Susan Sarandon

The Silence of the Lambs-1991-Anthony Hopkins

Flashdance-1983-Jennifer Beals

The Deer Hunter-1978-Robert DeNiro

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