By the way...

I 've decided to start a photo blog!
Santa was very good to me and brought me this:

He also brought this 135 page instruction manual!
The instructions state:
Before operating this unit, please read this handbook thoroughly together with the "instruction manual" and the "cyber-shot step-up guide" and retain them for future reference.
Thank you, but I would like to take at least one photo before I'm too old and feeble to push the button!
so, I'm learning by trial and error!

The link will always be over in the right-hand column.
If you can stop over...check it out... and leave a comment!!


  1. Good luck with your awesome new camera! I'm with you on those instruction guides...I'd rather learn by doing! (And if you pull a muscle lifting those pages...however will you be able to lift the camera?)

  2. I am so jealous!! I've been shopping for a new slr camera. I'm just waiting to catch one on sale. I will bookmark your photo blog and will look forward to your pictures.

    I would break my back lifting that manual {{giggles}}


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