Dieting is easy...

Someone posted this and I thought it was funny and so true!

Well I've been on this low carb diet since the beginning of  October  and it's really movin' slooow.
 I've really been strict with it and keeping in the guidelines of eating no "white carbs". White flour, rice or potatoes are not permitted because they are so processed that they have little or no nutritional value. Basically I've been eating lean meats, fish and chicken, vegetables, (except the starchy ones like corn and peas) low-fat dairy, peanuts and peanut butter and limited beans. And lots and lots and lots) of salad!
I've only lost twelve pounds.
But I'm grateful that I've lost four inches off my hips and tummy area! My pants are a lot looser and no more stomach rumblings which I believe, is caused by starches like bread and sweets.
I walk two miles a day, either out of the house or using my indoor aerobic walking video with Leslie Sansone.
This is excellent and you can also find it on you*tube. 
I'm finding that being retired and no longer going at that really fast pace I was used to
has made it more difficult to keep the pounds off.
I'm not giving up!