Not what I hoped for...

I've been trying to attract more birds to the back yard, so that I can get some pictures.

I know that the red birds like fruit and berries, so I took an orange that had been in the fruit basket for a while and cut it into sections.
I wired one half to a tree branch by the feeder and sliced the other half and put it under the feeder on the ground. The red birds seem to gather there.
Instead of red birds, I attracted this guy...

He took all the pieces and hid them somewhere for later....

Moma, she's lookin' at me...

There's nothing that I like better to do on my day off than grab my camera and find an out of the way country road. A place where there's plenty of old barns, grazing cattle and abandon buildings!

As I came around the bend, I saw a calf standing by the fence, near the road. What a find!

So I pulled off and grabbed my camera.

As I approached the fence, a smaller calf ran behind it's mother. Now feeling secure at her side and being curious as most youngsters are, it turned around to see if I was still there.
The other calf, wanting to prove it was the braver one, never moved one step!

What a colorful spring....

Does anybody have any idea what this shrub is?
It only gets about 2 feet tall and and blooms in late April or early May. My grandmother had the original bush in her yard for many years and called it a " Martha Washington " bush. The blooms are two-tone pink and the leaves are smooth and pointed. Let me know what you think.

I think this has been one of the most colorful spring seasons we've had in years. Maybe all the snow we got had something to do with it?
Crab apple....
Tulip tree...
Hope you are enjoying Springtime too!

~ It's that time again ~

At the end of the season last year when I was emptying the flower containers on the patio, this is what I found...

I couldn't believe how large the tubulars from the sweet potato vine had grown! The large one was about 6 or 7 inches long. It was about an inch when I planted it.

Time to decide what I want to put in the patio containers this year. Zinnias and Geraniums for sure, they did well last year. I had some African Daisies that were different.. more sweet potato and I saw some purple, almost black that I really liked.

It's that time again !!

She's 320 pounds.....

Just had to share this e-mail I got today with you....

320 lb. Woman
The question is, What does a 320 pound woman look like?
now, before you scroll down to look At her pictures, get
a mental image Of what you think a woman who
weighs 320 looks like....

Not exactly what you were expecting, is it??!!

The tallest and best proportioned woman
In the world lives in Holland.
She is 7'4' and weighs 320 pounds..
What a relief!
Now we ALL know we aren't overweight; we're just too short!
Have a great weekend ~