~ It's that time again ~

At the end of the season last year when I was emptying the flower containers on the patio, this is what I found...

I couldn't believe how large the tubulars from the sweet potato vine had grown! The large one was about 6 or 7 inches long. It was about an inch when I planted it.

Time to decide what I want to put in the patio containers this year. Zinnias and Geraniums for sure, they did well last year. I had some African Daisies that were different.. more sweet potato vine...green... and I saw some purple, almost black that I really liked.

It's that time again !!


  1. Oh my....that is a big tuber. I love pots with geraniums in them. They are always so colorful.

  2. My Goodness! That is huge! I do geraniums, impatiens, and petunias. I have never done sweet potato vines. Hmm, I may give that a try,


  3. I've never had much success with vegetables in patio pots... but I admittedly did not try sweet potato vines!

    Have a terrific Wednesday!

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  4. Will you eat that sweet potato???? That thing is huge! What a hoot! It's still too cold here to do my containers but I am thinking about what I want in them. May go pick some things up tomorrow as I like yellow and purple Wave petunnias and they sell out fast.


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