Ugly who?

I love the Ugly*Betty character.
Her personality is amazing. She's the peacemaker...  She's smart yet naive, loyal, determined, and has an supportive family.

But...Betty is your average "geek". She has frizzy black hair w/ fuzzy bangs, bushy "never been plucked eyebrows", blue braces, and dorky glasses. Her fashion choices are very bright, over styled, and just plain tacky. While I believe America Ferrera is absolutely gorgeous, I cannot believe how ugly they make her look.
Betty is such an infectiously happy character that it's easy to get swept up in her life. she's just so darn likeable. I'll admit that I've wished more than once that she were real and my friend.

How does someone like this .....
 really look like this?

and this:

And while were on the subject...
how does this:
become  this:
and this !



  1. hire people to transform you and a good filtering lens. I would love to see what they could do with poor old me. :)

  2. I need some of that air brushing. But they are really pretty women and with the right hair and makeup people anything can happen.


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