Just Dreamin'.......

I like pretty things....I just do!

Remember when you were a kid and the Se*ars catalog would come...you couldn't wait to scan the pages... to see what was inside. I would circle my favorites, knowing very well that they would never be mine. But the enjoyment of wishing was all that I needed and I was content.
Well, now that I'm grow up, I realize that there is so much out there ( that I don't need ) but I still enjoy the eye candy!
like this:

and this:

How about these...too cute!

Pretty metal filigree...

Show me some of you favorite eye candy...

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  1. My favorites are the bird bottle stoppers! How adorable.

  2. I miss the Sears and Roebuck Catalogue. I use to cut out paper dolls and furniture to make a doll house as a little girl and then when my kids were toddlers I ordered some of their clothes from the catalogue and giggled at them as they eventually had every toy circled for there Christmas wish list. I like the frames in picture number one of your eye candy. :)



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