A little taste of heaven...

In 1996, a retired gentleman in our neighborhood bought the empty lot across the street from his house and turned it into a "park." He's gathered all sorts of things that caught his eye at garage sales and flea markets.... and turned this lot that was once overgrown and not much to look at into a serene flower garden :)

In the center there's a sundial, in one corner a birdbath, and you can spot birdhouses everywhere you look!

It's easy to see that he has a love for flowers and that he gets so much pleasure out of the time he spends working here.

He told Hubby and I that he sells custom golf clubs in his spare time, and there are several items related to golf throughout the park.

Often neighbors walk along this street after dinner, and He welcomes them to " stop and sit for a spell and enjoy the scenery."

His wife's name is Sylvia and his name is Tony, so he named this little taste of heaven, "SYLTON'S GARDEN".

p.s. Thanks to my Grandson Alex for giving us this guided tour!

~In the hope of reaching the moon...men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.~ Albert Schweitzer


  1. What a wonderful thing for this man to do with this piece of property! Enjoyment for all! It's great when others share their talents and gifts.

  2. What an absolutely fabulous garden!
    And to think it was once just an overgrown lot. There is a lot of work that has gone into that. Yes, thank you to Alex for the guided tour!! :o)


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