Good Mornin' Glory.......

Our house is situated on a sloped street which gives us a upper and lower entry. I really like it because the upper entry, with this patio, is at the end of the hall near our master bedroom.

The flower containers are filling out really well. Hubby added some sand to the soil when we planted these, it helps to keep the soil from getting hard since this patio has full sun.

This photo was taken the day that I transplanted the Morning glory seedlings outside.

This was taken this morning, about 6 weeks later, and they are coming along nicely. I've had 2 or 3 random blooms so far. Pretty soon they will really take off!
" He who is born with a silver spoon in his mouth is generally considered a fortunate person, but his good fortune is small compared to that of the happy mortal who enters this world with a passion for flowers in his soul." - Celia ThaxterPosted by Picasa


  1. Oh it's so pretty! I was hoping we would be able to see an updated photo of the morning glory climbing up the spiral! Thank you! :o)

  2. HI! I'm just dropping by to let you know I enjoy your blog!
    I never knew that about the sand...I've been wondering if I bought so bad soil as my flowers are not up to par but then they are on concrete...I'll try to remember this tip next much sand does he use?
    What a great idea for the morning glories!
    And on a final note...I loved the quote you included!

  3. The morning glories are doing great! I love the updated pictures to see how much the flowers have filled out. Your container gardens are doing so well, I have never thought of putting some sand in with the soil so will have to try that. We have a lot of clay in our soil here and it is hard to deal with so usually have to dig it all out and put back nice loam with composted material added if you want anything to grow. Don't you just love walking out your hall by your master bedroom and seeing the beautiful flowers?! What a nice way to start your day!

  4. Your patio is so pretty, I love all of your flowers! Your morning glory is really starting to climb up the spiral..I love it!

  5. What a pretty spot1 Your flowers are looking great--If they were at my house they would be droopy by now--I always find a way to make flowers a little sick.
    I am trying some geraniums on our deck--just a few. so far, so good this year. We'll see what happens! LOL


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