"The Spiral Staircase" ~ 1945

Starring......Ethel Barrymore

Dorothy McGuire

George Brent

Is there something from your childhood that you can remember in great detail? Now I'm not talking about a traumatic event, but just some crazy thing that stays with you for some reason. I remember watching this movie as a kid, I had to be about 7 years old and I was scared out my wits! It was complete with scary organ music, a thunder and lightning rainstorm and lots of dark night scenes.

I used to share a bed with my older sister, Mary. After watching this horror flick, I remember lying awake for it seemed like hours in a cold sweat. I had Mary pushed as close to the wall as she could get ...I was trying to get as far away from the bedroom door as I could in case the murder decided to come after me!

As I flipped thru the channels the other night, I came across ...da da da dah... "THE MOVIE" that haunted me all these years and decided to face my fears and give it a try....

What a hoot!!!
When was the scary part coming?
Why wasn't I scared when I saw that spooky eyeball looking through the peephole at Helen?
How did I know who the killer was in the first 10 minutes?
I guess it's never too late to go back and face your fears even if it takes 50 years!


  1. I used to be afraid to the Wizard of Oz! Those flying monkeys scared me to death plus the wicked witch of the west! I too would lay awake in a cold sweat in my room with my sister asleep in the next bed not daring to move or open my eyes! I still don't like watching it as it is so long but I don't get scared any more thankfully! heehee!

  2. I have never heard of this movie but it sounds like one I would love! I used to beg to watch "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock then I would be terrified to go outside for a week!


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