Struttin' her stuff.......

Last summer, I created a garden lady to try to deter the deer that pass through our yard. We have a county park {over 2,000 acres of wooded area}  five minutes from our house and yet the deer find it necessary to use my flowerbed as a buffet.

Two days later I found this...

The deer decided to show me who's boss and took a bite out of her hat!

This year's fashion ensemble was created from a shabby chic flat sheet from the salvation army store for $1.00. I've had the apron for about twenty years and never used it and probably never

So the whole outfit was $1.00 and I think she looks pretty stylish!!

See more inspiring snapshots this Mosaic Monday over at "Little Red House".


  1. So very cute! I hope the deer will abandon eating her hat!

  2. She does look stylish!

    I hope she does a better job of keeping the deer out this year. :)

  3. She'd make the Top Ten Best Dressed list - but if she's Five Star for the deer all the fashion sense in the world won't save her!

  4. Very whimsical garden lady! I guess the deer thinks she was too cute too..


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