This week's theme is " Hobby" .....

Webster defines the word " hobby " as any subject or activity pursued for pleasure. This can take in a wide range of things.
I guess sewing would be the longest running hobby that I've had. When my children were small, it was clothing. Later my interest turned to decorating. . . pillows, curtains etc.

Then I went through my cross-stitch phase, making samplers and wedding accessories.

I've dabbled in a wide range of crafts (I worked at Michael's crafts for 7 years!)
Lately, I've become interested in antiquing and visiting thrift stores, looking for tea cups and pots, which I collect.
Of course, most of my free time is spent blogging.....with occasional stops at the book store.
and then there's gardening, jewelry making, ceramics and don't forget photography and there's so much more !!!

Soon in another post, I tell you about a hobby that has turned into a small business for Hubby and me!

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  1. You are one talented and busy lady! I tried cross stitch (pattern stamped on) and I'd always mess up somewhere and throw everything off. LOL. I think at one time I have more than a few half started ones.

    You worked at Michaels??? OOoOoo.. COOL job!

  2. You do very pretty work. I cross stitch too, but I find it so tedious that I get fed up.g

  3. what beautiful work you do!! I like to cross stitch too.

  4. Beautiful work on all your hobbies! My dad grew up outside of Pittsburg.......di you say y'ens? Instead of ya'll. All my cousins did. :)

  5. I admire your creativity. Thanks for sharing all your lovely works. I like the idea of making jewelry. It must be fun designing them.

  6. Beautiful! You are so talented! Great examples of your hobbies!

  7. You are so good, this should be your profession :)

  8. Making money at a hobby? that must be heaven. I'll be checking back to see!


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