" be steddy and Ready "

A couple weeks ago, my Grandson Alex (age 7) and I were in the back yard and He ask me if I would pitch the ball to him. I agreed but after a few throws, he told me I wasn't very good at it!...so he said "Grandma, I'll pitch, and you hit". Well,I have to admit, I wasn't much better at hitting. So he said "I'm going to make you a practice schedule"....

I love the line that says "be steddy and ready ".

The next day Pappy was telling Alex that " little Grandma"...( that's what the grandchildren call my Mom because she's only 4 ft.- 9 in. tall ) was the neighborhood star softball player when she was a kid. Without missing a beat, Alex responded with "Maybe little Grandma could be your coach"!

I'll have to ask her for some pointers, if she can remember...... Little grandma is 89.

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  1. Awwww that practice schedule he made you is so sweet...I, too, love the line "be steddy and ready"! lol Loved his response to Little Grandma!! hehe xox

  2. Now that is priceless! I think I'd love to meet little grandma...

  3. My son is so in love with baseball. He is also 7 yrs. and I am probably as good as you. Hehe! That is so cute!

  4. How adorable!

    This is priceless.


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