What the Bunny Won't Tell You...

If you've been out shopping these last few weeks, you know that we have commercialized Easter as much as we have Christmas. And just as Santa Claus has become the world's symbol of Christmas, the Easter Bunny is the world's symbol for Easter.

I work for Target as a Department Manager, and one of my depts. is Electronics and Entertainment. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of guests buying Easter gifts for their children. One mother told me about her three daughters, and how they bicker constantly about what they have... never willing to share anything. She had a long list in her hand and bought several items , and as I rang her up , she told me that she had already spent $1400.00
on these three girls and had not completed her list.

I agree that it is fun to go on egg hunts and eat chocolate bunnies... and the Easter Bunny is a likeable enough character, but I can't figure out what positive message the Easter Bunny has.
He does not give a true picture of the real meaning of Easter. Why is it that the world feels a
need to conjure up someone to take away from anything that reveals the truth of Christ ?

Well, most of us know the answer to that question...but I can't get my conversation with that young Mom out of my mind and and I wonder , in the midst of all the gift giving , will Christ even be mentioned and the ultimate sacrifice that He made for them ?

***This post is not intended to offend anyone. As you can see in some of my recent posts, I always set out bunnies and eggs , but I just feel like there needs to be balance..and to be sure we include the real reason for Easter.

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