Things That Make Me Smile....

Randi , over at is hosting ~ Let's get real Monday . The theme is " my favorite things ". So I decided to make a list of some things that make me smile !

Teapots, teacups and old plates

Johnny Jump - ups

Sudden Spring showers

Birds at the birdbath

Old leaning barns

Antique lace doilies

Sunday afternoon naps

Relaxing bubble baths

Happy giggling children

Old romantic movies

Seed packets and gardening gloves

Wooden fences

Unexpected back rubs

Terra cotta pots

Dried flower wreaths

Embroidered handkerchiefs

Vintage glassware

Family stories

Warm sunshine

And most of all, having good friends !!


  1. This is a wonderful list full of beautiful things! Thanks for playing along!

  2. Great list! I love those Sunday afternoon naps! Thanks for sharing.

    My favorties are here.

  3. What a lovely list! It paints such a nice mental pictures and makes me feel so relaxed and at home. :)

  4. I LOVE your list, I could make one with so many of the same ones on it!


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