Free Stuff....

Our 6 yr. old Grandson was sitting at Pappy's desk in our home office one day coloring, and when he was finished, he posted these notes .....

Now that I have your attention , I wanted to tell you about some free magazines that I receive in the mail. offers a magazine that is sent out 4 times a year. It has lots of recipes and cooking hints. Go to the site and click on " food and family " at the top of the page.

Also, go to and click the bottom right corner of the site page. (Nestle sites ). They offer several different magazines for kids, babies, diabetes etc.
Hope you'll enjoy them !


  1. Those notes your grandson left are just a hoot! How cute! Aren't grandchildren fun? I am so lucky to have mine almost next door. I think I will sign up for those magazines, they look interesting. I love your tea pot collection, very pretty! I hate to admit this to you but I don't drink I still your friend?! lol! I just never have liked the taste of any tea that I have tried so I guess I gave up. Don't drink coffee either, love the smell of it brewing but don't like the taste. Guess I am just shallow as I like my Diet Caffine Free Coke! heehee!

  2. Thanks, Suzy.

    I get the Kraft one, but did not know about the other. I am off now to check it out.


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