Peepy Facts

Did you know....
The original Marshmallow PEEPS are made by the Just Born Company in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania ?

The first PEEPS were produced in 1953 and it took 27 hours to create just one peep ! Today, peeps are produced at the rate of 4.2 million per day.

PEEPS have a shelf life of 2 years !

One PEEP contains 32 calories and 0 grams of fat.

PEEPS have been the #1 non - chocolate Easter candy for the past decade, even outselling jelly beans.

People like to do curious things with them stale, microwave them,freeze them, roast them, and even use them as a pizza topping.

Over 1.2 billion PEEPS are produced each year covering all all the holiday seasons...that's enough PEEPS to circle the earth twice !!!

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  1. Hey thanks for the info on the Peep's, I didn't know any of that stuff. I can't imagine using them for a pizza topping but whatever works go for it! Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Thank you for sharing the peep information! I love them fresh. :0) I didn't know they were good for two years...I'll have to stock up!

  3. I know many people LOVE thier peeps. Not me....I don't like them at all. Maybe I need to try them on pizza? LOL.


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