~ The best ever ~

The other day, Jack came home and said “I have a project for you”. That sentence always makes me nervous. Then he went on to say “ Today, I had the best cake I ever tasted ”.

Not a good thing to tell your wife if she hasn’t baked since Christmas. Then he handed me a packet of Amish Friendship bread batter. OH NO …..not the dreaded Amish Friendship cake…it’s right up there with chain letters and those annoying e-mails that tell you to forward to at least 10 people or you’ll have bad luck. All the days of smushing the bag, then adding ingredients, more smushing, letting the air out, adding, dividing….

But I agreed to do it, after all...
“ This was the best cake he had ever tasted ”.

On day ten, after more adding and then baking, I tasted the cake.
And I have to admit, it was pretty good.

So if a friend hands you a starter packet for Amish Friendship cake just give it a try. Who knows..... it might be the best cake you ever tasted .

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  1. It does indeed look good, though it looks more like a what I would call a bread. Is it a spice cake/bread?


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