Works For Me Wednesday....

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A couple weeks ago, when we were building the flower bed, I somehow got into some poison ivy. EEEK! So I went on the computer to find some home remedies. You won't believe some of these. Right out of Granny Clampett's recipe book!

  • spray starch
  • 7 day deodorant pads
  • onion sprinkled with salt
  • rub with a banana peel
  • vinegar and preparation H
  • clear fingernail polish
  • Vick's Vaporub
  • hair spray
  • mashed potato paste
  • And get this one....a lead fishing sinker tied around your neck !!

Well I had bought some Preparation H ( I had see a woman on Oprah that used it as a face cream to remove wrinkles ) but that's another post.

So I tried it...and it worked!!

The vinegar helped dry up the rash and the Prep. H took away the itch for at least 8 hours!


  1. I believe Praparation H must be a miracle drug. I have heard about the wrinkle remover use--haven't tried it! Glad to know this latest use.hope you are still itch free!

  2. I wonder what's in that stuff that it would work on p. ivy, wrinkles and hemrroids????

    Have you tried it for a face cream?


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