Let's See, What Will I Wear Today....

Working for Target, I never have the problem that alot of gals have deciding what to wear!
I never run late because I've tried on several outfits and nothing looks right...does this shirt match these pants?....is this still in style?....does this outfit make me look fat?
No, everyday is the same.
Day after day... Every morning I relive the movie "Groundhog Day". Just grab the next hanger in line, slap it on, and off to work I go!


  1. LOL, Suzy. You sure have a lot of uniform shirts!

  2. I could totally work for Target. Red is my favorite color!

    Your closet looks so neat!

  3. What a hoot! You have enough shirts for a whole month practically! heehee! I hope you like red!!

  4. My daughter Grace would love to have all those red shirts. :0)


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