Who inspires you to persevere?

Definition : to persist in anything; to maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, continue steadfastly.

I recently heard someone say that we have become a culture of quitters. That we give up at the first roadblock. Partner not making you happy?...get a divorce. Don't like your job?...quit,there's always unemployment.

Life is a grindstone that can either wear on us or... polish us. We can take adverse circumstances and use them as stepping stones to life's goals.

I read an article about Bob Wieland over at ngpfocus.wordpress.com/ He finished last in the 1986 New York City Marathon. Yes, he finished last. So why was I so impressed by Bob? Because Bob ran with his arms. He lost both his legs in the Vietnam war. Bob is no quitter, that's for sure. He has endured in the face of adversity.

Christ endured intense opposition all his life. He is the one that will be waiting for us at the finish line. Look to Him...He is faithful ...He will never disappoint you.

~He that endures to the end shall be saved ~ Matthew 10:22


  1. Good thoughts of inspiration, Suzy!

  2. I agree with you that our society has become quitters. It is a sad state of affairs. Some people don't realize that we grow during the hard times not the good times, that's the easy part. Yes, Bob Wieland is an inspiration to us all, he could have become a bitter person but he chose to grow from what life threw at him. Yes, Christ did endure opposition His whole life but He was faithful and continues to be faithful.


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