Gettin' Comfy,Now that's What I'm Talkin' about....

This week we bought a new recliner for the spare room,(Suzy's Retreat)!We've been looking to buy one for sometime now. Some were to big since I'm barely 5 ft....Others not the right lime green back in? But when I saw this one I knew this was it!!...A little different,but I like that.

Now I'm all set....twin bed ( just in case the hubby snores ),television tuned to the Hallmark channel,lots of good reads,my sewing all I need is a box of chocolates and a hot cup of tea.
ahhhhhh.....this feels good!!!


  1. Enjoyed my visit here with you...glad I came


  2. That really looks like a great chair! Glad you found it.

  3. I love your new chair! It does have an elegant feminine look to the style! Your room will be just right and sounds lovely! I, too, am working on a room for myself and am very excited! :o)

  4. Very nice chair. Looks so comfy to curl up in on a cold afternoon with a good book and a quilt tossed over you.

  5. Hi Suzy,
    Glad you stopped by to say hello! I will certainly go to Target and try the hot flash med! Thanks! I really like your site and want to go back and read up some more on your world. Love the chair, everyone needs a little space of their own. Mine is my sewing room and the barn with my horses.


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