Baby,it's cold outside...5 degrees this morning with a chill factor of 10 to 15 below!
Nothing like the 60 degree temperatures we were having here in Pittsburgh in November.
Well,this is the kind of weather that makes you appreciate your warm and cozy home and when you walk in after a hard days work....maybe a long drive home in traffic....and all you want is a bowl of hot homemade soup and some good crusty bread...yum!


  1. Hi Suzy,
    Welcome to Blogland!

    I love the name of your blog. So cute!

    Build it and they will come....LOL. It will take a little while, but just keep posting away and gradually people will wander in. You will get a lot from the comments you leave on other blogs.

    I hope you enjoy blogging!

  2. Welcome,
    I have only had my blog since last May. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine. Catch you around!


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