10 minute pumpkin....

I found this pumpkin craft somewhere on the internet and I thought it was a clever idea for only ten minutes of my time.

I bought 20 inches of pumpkin material (45 inches wide) and cut it on the fold giving me two pieces. (One for you and one for a friend).

Grab a roll of toilet paper and sit it in the center of one piece of fabric. Tuck the fabric into the center hole of the roll (no need to glue anything)

Cut a piece of brown paper bag about 12 " long and fold accordion style.
Add some raffia, if you've got any, fold in half and push it into the center.
I added a piece of green plaid fabric for leaves.

And there you are!...a instant fall decoration!

This is a re-post from 11/09/09. I thought it was worth repeating.


  1. So pretty! I saw something similar done with wide ribbons. It's funny but when I was growing up I only remember plain orange pumpkins and maybe carved jack-o-lanterns. Now there are pumpkins in different colors and sizes, painted, decorated with everything from cloth to bedazzlers! lol Evolution in the craft world is a good thing.

  2. Cute! and it does look very easy. There are so many creative people in blogland!


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