~ Almost wordless Wednesday ~

World's largest metal cross
Nelsonville, Ohio
65 feet tall
cost to build in 1973 - $17,500
built by Walter L. Schwartz in memory of his late wife.

With a plaque that reads:
"Nelsonville Cross"
~ A Tribute to God....
a Memorial to Betty ~
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  1. Nice shot. Like the fact that you took it from a distance.

  2. What a great WW pic! Love the info about why it was built too.

    Had lots of catching up to do on your site as I have been away. The pictures of all the flowers are just gorgeous! Can't wait for all this dirty snow to be gone and some green grass and flowers growing!

  3. I keep coming back and looking at that picture. I think what touches me most about it is that it was dedicated to Betty.
    Makes me think someone loved her very much and that she was a kind, loving, Christian woman.
    So touching.


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