~ Saturday photo Hunt ~

This week's theme is "colorful "......

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  1. Love this!!! Merry-go-rounds are certainly fitting for this week's category!! Good job.

    ["Love" the 'no reentry exit' below on your W W too.] Should I have said 'love'?

    My colorful is posted...stop by if you can find time.

    Happy Hunting!

  2. Wow, your entire blog is a rainbow of colors! Great picture for today. And I LOVE the photo of the finch in your header.

    I also did Photo Hunt. Come share your link! :) http://newyorktraveler.net/photo-hunters-colorful/

  3. What fun! We have a Merry-Go-Round here too. You make me want to go ride it.

  4. What a great photo! I love merry-go-rounds!

  5. Hiya Ms. Suzy! :) I haven't posted a comment in a while, but I wanted to let you know I'm still around. Your blog is as beautiful as ever. :)


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