~ Wordless Wednesday ~

"Go on, take my picture "...

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  1. What a cute picture. Is this one of your great photo's?

  2. Cute...he looks pretty chubby too.

  3. curious little guy. :) i couldn't ever catch a squirrel on cam, they're just too fast for slow little me, hehe. happy ww! :)

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  4. Aww he's cute :) Great picture!
    Great name too ;)

  5. i've always wanted to capture a squirrel but they are so fast! good catch! my ww is up!

  6. Great photo! I can send some more squirrels to keep him company if you'd like! %^)

  7. Great picture! I love the fact that you live in South Park. :-)

    My post is here. Happy WW!

  8. I'm learning to make sure I have my camera with me all the time. Cute photo!

    Thanks for visiting A Mother's Minute and thanks for the nice comment on my new header. The photo was taken from our back door. The tree is in our neighbor's yard and I just happened to see the bird in the tree when I was making dinner. I'm holding the screen door with my foot so it won't bang shut and scare the bird away! Have a great weekend!


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