How would you like to find this in your stocking Christmas morning?

Marble Mansion
6200 Crown Place,
Collier Township,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This majestic mansion sits high atop a hill in Nevillewood, overlooking the pristine golf course.
Seven years in the making, it is what homeowners search for — built with marble throughout and an open and expansive floor plan.

Price: $4,400,000
Type: Single Family Home
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 5 Full, 2 Half
# Fireplaces: 8
Year Built: 1997
Garage Size: 6
Style of Architecture: 2 ST
Taxes : $64,373
The approximate monthly Principal & Interest payment
for this property would be $20,588.75.

The all-white marble master bathroom has ornate hand-carved marble and is larger than many people’s bedrooms, with a step-up Jacuzzi tub and more magnificent views.

Another World
The home features a wine cellar and an Italian-inspired “outdoor” cafĂ© that transports residents to the streets of Tuscany — literally. Thanks to an elaborate sprinkler system, it can actually rain, and the rain drains into pipes in the “street.” The lighting goes from day to night with a push of a button, making the sun go down and the stars twinkle

New Heights
The three-story property features beautiful staircases, and even a small elevator to navigate its levels.
Exotic Atrium
In keeping with the Italian charm, a hand-tiled mosaic atrium, waterfall, and fountain add to the ambiance in the foyer, under the marble staircase.
** Not my style, but the article stated that there are several interested parties.


  1. Suzy,
    Thanks for your comment at my site about the profile page. I'm such a dweeb because I don't have a blogger site I didn't know I could do a whole profile with my google account. I think I fixed it now. So thank you and I'll test it with this comment. Oh and I'm writing a check for this house. Just Kidding it's too much for me....

  2. I really can't even imagine what you would do with a house like that!It is beautiful, but. . .

    I'll just stay in my little Grandmama and Poppy abode, thank you very much!

  3. Well, if it was left under the tree, I don't think I give it back, but sure is a lot of rooms to keep clean.

  4. Wow. It's pretty to look at the photos, but I'll take my humble little cabin on the hill. :o) Thanks for sharing.

  5. I was ready to set up an appointment to look at the house until I saw it only has 4 bedrooms!! I guess that fabulous kitchen makes up for the lack of bedrooms. LOL

  6. Oh my! I agree with Myrna I just can't imagine living in a place like that! It would be fun to try it out though for a few days!!!

  7. Too much to clean for me!

    Hmmmm... I guess if I owned it, I would not be the one doing the cleaning...........LOL.


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