The halls are decked!

Boomama and Tracey are both hosting a "Christmas Tour of Homes" for 2007 ~ on their blogs and I'm ready!
The teapot is whistling and the cookies are pull up a chair and enjoy.

Here's my snowman collection...

This nativity was purchased several years ago at Michael's. I like that it's attached to the base so that all the figures stay in place.

The tree is up...

And these guys are waiting patiently under the tree...

Here are some of my favorite ornaments. Click for a better view:

I do like this whimsical Santa with a fuzzy beard!
I won the large metal snowman below in a raffle at work one year!

Just hangin' around...

I hope you enjoyed our visit. Please check out these sites to join in or just enjoy the other entries.
Get ready...It's comin'...


  1. You have some really cute things. Thanks for the tour.

  2. Hi Suzy, from another Suzy.
    You're Suzy's Bloomers and I'm Suzy's Scribbles! We're both moms and grandmas! I saw the "Suzy" on the Mr. Linky and it drew me on in. I missed the Holiday Tour, but then since we didn't even decorate the tree until last night, I guess there was nothing for it but to miss it.
    Another year, I guess, though with 4 kids (2 with spouses) and 7 little kids (2 having fevers and the runs), I don't know if DH wants to continue the "everybody come over and decorate the tree" tradition much longer. LOL
    Come say Hi!

  3. I love all your snowmen!! Everything looks so inviting.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. What a fun visit! I love your snowmen!

  5. Thanks for the tour, I like all your snowmen! And thanks for the heads up on the sharing meal thing. That's really cool.

    Have a merry christmas!

  6. You have such charming decorations...very festive and happy! I love all of the snowmen!

    Merry Christmas,


  7. Great snowman collection!!!
    I only have about 6 snowman things but I think I am going to start collecting more :-)
    Right now I collect Santa's, villages and waterglobes. What's one more collection, right? :-)

    Lovely home! Thank you for inviting me in!

    Merry Christmas from Dawn in Germany!

  8. Beautiful decorations!!! Thanks for the tour!

  9. Suzy,
    I enjoyed seeing your Christmas decorations (even if I didn't get here until after the fact).

    I love snowmen, too. That big metal one is adorable!


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