~ Sweet History ~

The average American eats about 22 pounds of candy each year!

...more than 12,000 M&M's !

Nearly nine billion pieces of candy corn was produced in 2006.

The oldest branded candy is good and plenty.

Tell me what's your favorite treat:

Peanut *butter *cup






And don't tell me you don't eat candy, because I won't believe it for a second!

***see stats above!

Here's some shots of my favorite little guy over the past few years...

Here's Alex with some of his friends at a "Halloween Bash " at a local park!


  1. I try to do my part and eat my share of candy! I want to be a team player you know!! heehee! The pictures are adorable of your favorite little guy! I love the progression, nice that you are so organized!! :o)

  2. wow 22lbs of candy a year, no wonder I am having trouble losing weight.

    My favorite by far is Reese Peanut butter cup- they are not allowed in the house, not that they would stay there very long.

    Love the pictures of the little guy, my favorite is the clown where he has his hands up, he looks so happy

  3. Hi Suzy! Well, for quite some time now, my fav candy has been peanut butter M&M's! Love that combo of the two flavors and it's great in little pieces. :o)Great photos...that batman one is too cute! :o) Happy November!

  4. I love Snickers. The world will come to an end without Snickers!


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