~ American Sweetheart ~

This week,the "Show and Tell" items that I chose are Depression Glass pieces that my grandmother passed on to me.These were popular around the mid 1920's. They were machine made with a pressed pattern, and are very thin glass.

Everyday breakfast dishes included cereal bowls, cream and sugar, cups and saucers and tumblers, which came in three sizes- for juice, water and ice tea. These glasses are the hard to find because they were so easily broken.
The translucent white pattern shown above is called "American Sweetheart" after movie star, Mary Pickford. These were never reproduced so the real thing can be found, unless you are looking for a particular piece or color. Cobalt blue the most difficult to find, with red being next. But the rarest pieces are called "lunch box pieces".They are one-of-a-kind pieces that glass workers made on their lunch hour and took home in their lunch boxes to their wives.
This glass was sometimes giveaways in large containers of rolled oats, boxes of soap powder or a 20 - pound sack of flour.

You could buy a service for eight for $2.98!......now I'm told if you could find a complete set, $298.00 would be a steal. Plates, cups and saucers can now be found as cheap as $15.00, but rarer pieces like the lid to the sugar bowl (notice mine is missing in the top photo) could be priced as high as $455.00. Tumblers go for $200.00 each.

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  1. You have some lovely pieces of a very collectible item!

  2. I love the cereal bowl. I have some of the pink depression glass. The green you have is very pretty.

  3. pretty--love the white dishes. I too have some depression glass items. My favorite are very thin wine glasses that are two toned in pink and green. One could also use them for serving pudding, however they seem to delicate for that!!

  4. Hi Suzy,
    Beautiful pieces! I also have some of the pink and also green depression glass that was passed down to me.
    I hadn't checked on the value of them though!

  5. I love your colletion especially the American Sweetheart!

    I collect depression as well, but haven't bought much lately because of the price! Ouch!

  6. Oh be still my heart...I so LOVE green and pink vintage dishes!! I have a few pink pieces that belonged to my gran and I've picked up a couple of green plates from antique shops.

  7. I had heard of Depression glass but never knew those details. It is beautiful!

  8. I remember my Mom getting goodies in a box of detergent. Who would think those items would be valuable today.

  9. Lovely dishes...the white and blue ones are so delicate!!


  10. I love your collection! I have never seen the white American Sweetheart pattern; it's very special!

    Thanks for stopping by my Blog! I love yours!

    :0) Sharon


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