I never thought that Hydrangea was so easy to grow....and that the blooms would be so massive! My brother retired last year and began starting Hydrangeas in pots from cuttings with great fact, he was over-run with plants last spring. I was delighted!
I planted the one he gave me where it would get morning sun and afternoon shade. It produced only one small bloom last year but lots of foliage, which I expected the first year as it was getting settled in. But this year...what a display!

large basketball size blooms ...

These have been through the cycle, green to pure white and now back to I'm hoping that I can dry then. Keeping my fingers crossed :)
I'll be joining in over at "Little Red House" for Mosaic Monday. Come on over......


  1. Hydrangeas dry well although they often turn a parchment colour. 'Limelight' is my favourite shrub as they start out chartreuse and turn pink in autumn.

  2. Suzy your hydrangeas are beautiful! I have success drying them. Some dry a muted shade of the color I picked some turn as is said above a parchment color. Enjoy!

  3. Hello Suzy
    I love hydrangeas too and yours is a beauty!
    They dry very well and then you've got an arrangement indoors for the cooler months.
    Each stage is attractive from the tiny tight buds to the full blooms.
    I have 2 white ones and one blue lacecap and they flower all summer - we can't ask for more than that.

    Thank you for visiting me.

  4. Love the white stage of the hydrangea . In Australia depending which state you live in the flowers are either naturally pink or naturally blue. To change that you can alter the soil ph to either alkaline or acidic by adding products., but this then needs to be maintained. In years gone past the old Australian homes all had a hydrangea bush with its cover of sacking for the hot part of the day. ...that was a memory jolt for me. Love the white flower offset against the darkness and foliage :)
    Alexa visiting and Blogging from Sydney,Australia


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