$8.00 shower curtain and valance

I was able to make a shower curtain and valance for the main bath for only $8.00 !! I wanted lots of color because the walls are white...it's great having the option to use any color for accessories. So I looked in my fabric bin and found this:
This shot shows the true color of the fabric.
I had bought 2 yards @ $2.00 a yard.

I've made shower curtains over the years using sheets, fabric and tablecloths. Fabric is getting harder and harder to find these days ...so many of the chains have closed and the quilt shops are quite expensive. I would usually make buttonholes at the top for the hooks but decided to try an easier way. I added a strip of stiffer fabric I had around to the top to add some stiffness. Then I added 16" pieces of ribbon where each buttonholes would be. (I just stitched it to the top where the straight pins are.)
Ribbon was $2.00....

And voila....quick and easy...
I may never make one any other way!!
 I can see a pretty green or blue pattern with ribbon for spring...:)
Then I decided to add a solid stripe to the bottom...one yard @ $2.00 a yard on sale. I used about 16 " of it. That left me plenty for the valance of each fabric. 

I used 2 small pressure rods for the layered valance.
then added a little tie up with ribbon!

Found the wall decal at D*llar tree...

Quick and easy!


  1. Great and pretty project and home made. Gotta love it. I get so much more satisfaction and fun out of making things on my own instead of running to store where most of time can't find what I really want and prices are way above what I can afford.
    We don't live in a town where stores are readily available so when I decide to make some kind of change the first place I go is to my fabric stash, see what can come up with that will be what I want.
    Wow where did you find fabric at $2 a yard? Lucky girl and what a find. My first go-to is Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon. Have found HL fabric prices are less than JoAnns for same fabric. Wish could remember what name of fabric is, having senior moment. Most patterns go for $9.99 per yard but with coupon comes to $5.99 per yard, not as good as your $2.00 a yard but do what I can. If I need bigger quantity of fabric will buy half one month then 2nd. half the next month.
    Your shower curtain and valance turned out so pretty, love using ribbons for tie on's, another super idea to give curtain more color.
    Good to know other people like to make their own shower curtains, you are second blogger to make your own, both are excellent in own ways, just love seeing people using ingenuity.
    Have wonderful Fall week.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Believe it or not, our local Wallmart sells fabric and that's where I found the $2.00 a yard fabric. Some of the Wallmarts here in PA. still sell fabric. Gotta love those coupons at Joanne's and HL!! Here's another one that I made more recently:


    2. Do you have a blog I can visit??


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