Indian corn and raffia
homemade soup
plump orange pumpkins
wood-burning fireplaces

bonfires and hayrides
piles of raked leaves
homemade crusty bread
tattered scarecrows

baskets of apples
bountiful harvest
geese heading south
crisp fall days

warm spiced cider
squirrels gathering acorns
canning jars of vegetables
warm bulky sweaters

And…vibrant autumn colors !!


  1. I just love your beautiful banner! And this morning I'm going to take a few minutes to copy this list of Fall pleasures into my journal. I struggle to make Fall a good time of year. It's my least favorite season. Sweet hugs!

  2. Such beautiful photos...my favorite is of the apples.

  3. This would make a great post to also link to Melissa's Harvest Party next week. (The Inspired Room) She often does a list of her favorite things about autumn. I've written mine and it's waiting in the wings. We'd have many similar things.


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