September means....

Hello and goodbye....

Hello to a new school year and the approaching fall season with it's burst of will be a welcome site since the hot summer we had kinda put a damper on the flowers this year. I don't know about where you live, but the heat here caused the blooming to shut down... so there wasn't much of a show.

Goodbye to air conditioners constantly running to find relief and hello to sleeping with the windows open...
Goodbye to "vegetable dinners" that consist of corn on the cob, parsley potatoes, fresh green beans with garlic and olive oil and thick sliced tomatoes and cottage cheese.
My sister gave me these corn holders that you put into the corn BEFORE  boiling!

Goodbye to tomato sandwiches...have you tried them?

Two slices of toast with  thick slices of tomato, fresh from the garden, and a little mayo, salt, pepper...yummy!
A friend like a drizzle of vinegar and oil dressing instead of the mayo.
Haven't tried that yet. Good eatin'

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  1. Suzy, I never know what wonderful things I will find when I hop over to your fun blog, that's why I'm sharing the Versatile Blogger Award with you! Hope you'll pop over and accept it.
    Have a great day! (and now I'm going to make me a tomato sandwich, yum!)


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