~ Words for Life's Journey ~

 We may tend to put a relationship on a pedestal expecting more than it can deliver.
Often, we believe that others ought to treat us the way we want them to respond. When their behavior does not change in response to our needs, we become disappointed, feel abandoned, and internalize our feelings as being unlovable.

 What we didn't receive from our parents in terms of affection, support, and direction, we project onto others. We may expect a great deal from others because we are dependent. When spouses or friends fail to meet our expectations, we feel betrayed, frustrated, and resentful.

Having realistic expectations for others involves realizing that all of us are less than perfect. Instead of looking to others to meet our needs, we must take responsibility for our own life and make necessary changes that are in our best interest. It is important to value and accept our partners and friends for who they are. It is in our best interest not to spend our energy trying to change them to fit an image of what we believe we need and what they can provide for us.

We can’t put our trust in people. We need to put the matter in God’s hands.


  1. Suzy this is beautiful and so true. I have to say it just what I needed to read at this moment in time. Thank you
    I love your image. Its say so much and makes me smile.

  2. Hi, Suzy. I've been on a blogging break (still am really!) but I've been trying to visit my fav. blogs from time to time. I read your post today, and this is so appropriate for me, as I just had a situation where I felt exactly as you described in your post. So this was very timely for me. Thank you for your thoughts, I needed to hear this today. You are a beautiful writer!


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