~ Weekly words to live by ~

So long as we love we serve;
So long as we are loved by others,
I would almost say that we are indispensable;
And no one is useless while they have a friend.
 Robert Louis Stevenson

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  1. Yeah, what would we do without our friends? :)

  2. Good Morning! Before I even read the inspiration that wonderful picture showed up. I love those three ladies! It put a big smile on my face. Can't you just imagine the good time they are having? I think of my two closest friends..... I just love this and will be thinking of this all day. Thankyou

  3. Great thought to hold on to when the going gets bumpy!

  4. Amen to the friends~ love that image of those three fashionistas :-)

  5. That is great and that picture is priceless...love your new blog look, how creative! I am afraid if I touch mine it would mess it up!
    Love the inspiration quotes!

  6. As Bette says..."You Gotta have friends!" :) Nancy


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