I'm just itchin'...

to get out in my flower beds! This last few days of warm weather has everything sproutin' up quickly.

I am coming, I am coming!
Hark! the honey bee is humming;
See, the lark is soaring high
In the blue and sunny sky,

And the gnats are on the wing
Wheeling round in airy ring.

Listen! New-born lambs are bleating,
And the cawing rooks are meeting
In the elms--a noisy crowd.
All the birds are singing loud,

And the first white butterfly
In the sunshine dances by.
Look around you, look around!
Flowers in all the fields abound,

Every running stream is bright,
All the orchard trees are white,
And each small and waving shoot
Promises sweet autumn fruit.

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  1. Hi Suzy,
    What lovely pictures! I just love spring.. it has coem quite early to New Hampshire this year. Thank goodness!

  2. Great poem and photos! I'm glad spring is here although I don't look forward to the severe weather we sometimes get.


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