I'm just sayin'...

A couple years ago, Jack bought me a good digital camera, and he always says that it's the best investment he ever made. He knows that there is nothing I like better than to spend a day taking pictures. He'll take a vacation day to go with me so that I can get a snapshot of this:

He will travel miles chasing sunsets for me, never complaining, to get this:

and even backtrack so that I can get that picture I missed...

Next week he's taking me to the mountains just so I can take photos of a couple of these:

uhhmmm...well maybe...about a MILLION of those,
He knows how much I like taking pictures so he does it to make me happy.
I love that about him...and a whole lot more.


  1. What a wonderful man. I know because my husband does the same thing. I really love to take pictures of old barns and buildings. This weekend he is planning to take my to some waterfalls to see if the fall color is peaking. I just put a fresh battery in my camera. We are both lucky to have such good husbands!

  2. What a great man, and I love that last picture! I won't be seeing much of those nice fall colors so I'll just have to come over here to see some :)

  3. He's a keeper! The picture of the Maples are AMAZING!
    joy c. at grannymountain

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love yours. The pictures are great. On the cake you just mix everything together . cake mix , apple pie filling , and 4 eggs.
    40 mins. at 350 degrees. I have not tried it but you can do choc cake , cherry pie filling and 4 eggs.


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