's cold outside.....

Not just outside...but inside...

It's 11 degrees outside and 52 degrees in our house. For the second time this week, the furnace has stopped working and I'm waiting for the repair man.

So I've got three layers on, a shirt, sweater and a heavy robe. I even put a tousle cap on, because they say that you lose a lot of heat from your body through your head !

I've heated one of our Thera - hug bags that we make as a home-based business and keep it on my lap.....that makes a big difference. And I topped everything off with a quilted throw.

I'm getting hungry but I'm so bundled up, I don't want to move to go make some breakfast!

Maybe I'll just take a nap.

PS. I just heard that the temperature today in Denver is 67* and Orlando is 57*... What's up with that ???


  1. Oh dear. I was just thinking about what folks in those cold temps would do if their heaters went out. I wouldn't want to get out to eat either.

    Yes, what is up with the temperatures? We are enjoying our 11th day in a row of temps above 80*. I'd share a LITTLE if I could.

  2. Oh, dear, Suzy, I do hope your furnace is back to working. This is no time to be without heat!

  3. When its real cold outside my bathroom gets down to 57 degrees. Makes me take quick showers. The problem is the high ceiling..14 feet. How dumb was I when I thought that looked cool! Hope you get your furnace working soon.


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