~ Bloomin' Tuesday ~

Here's what's bloomin' this week:
This is the Mimosa tree, with huge fern-like leaves that sway in the breeze...
This year it's just covered with blooms (pictured above)..aren't they unique!

This flower is called "spotted bellflower" I bought this perennial last year, and I love the two inch lavender bells.
I have a large container of Zinnias on the patio. They are no work at all and continually bloom all summer...
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  1. Hi Suzy,
    Nice blog you have here! I love your flower pics...especially the zinnias!

  2. Hi Suzy,
    Your pictures are awesome! I especially like your zinnias!

  3. The Mimosa is unsual and very pretty. The bloom reminds me of Pink Fairy Duster, which has the same structure.

  4. These are wonderful photos! My favorite is the second photo with the bloom of the mimosa tree...so pretty.

  5. Very pretty! I love the sign...I have so many weeds this year, I ned to get a sign like that!

  6. Love the Mimosa tree. Very unique! I don't do zinnias but I may have to start. Love the colors! Thanks for sharing your blooms! Jean

  7. I have never seen a mimosa tree!
    Your "free weeds" sign is adorable :-}

  8. Beautiful flower photos. I love the cheery zinnias.

  9. I love the Mimosa Tree! THe blooms are very neat. I have never seen a Mimosa Tree.

  10. My mother in law had a Mimosa tree in the yard of her previous house. Sadly the new owners cut it down. I think I planted Zinnias. Mine don't look as good as yours. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!

  11. I really like the wonderful Mimosa tree leaves - they are beautiful. I have never seen one before.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today, Suzy - yes it is a small world :)

  12. I'm a huge fan of Mimosa's. These are wonderful shots.

    Hope your week is going well.

  13. I have never seen a Mimosa tree. How unique and pretty!


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