America's Taj Mahal

 Take a leisurely drive on the back roads of West Virginia near Moundsville, and you'll see grandmas hanging fresh laundry on the clothesline, farm workers plowing fields, blossoming berry bushes...

And as you round the bend, you'll come upon this:

Prabhupada's Palace of Gold

It is a "religious, historical attraction" that shows each visitor an aspect of "Eastern religion in the rolling hills of West Virginia." The palace is a replica of a Hare Krishna palace in India, and is where "Hare Krishna followers and many families live and worship."

These followers  spent seven years building this magnificent golden palace.

Remember those guys with the robes
 and shaved heads at the airports in the 70's?

The palace itself is quite ornate,
 and there are peacocks roaming the grounds.

 A 22-karat gold-leafed palace with marble floors and walls.

 31 stained glass windows and mirrored ceilings. 

and award-winning rose gardens.

Tours are given throughout the year, and there is a gift shop and a restaurant on the premises.

Go to and take the virtual tour to see the extravagant inside of this palace.

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  1. Wow! That place is gorgeous. They must have gotten a lot of donations at those airports! :)


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